What do our clients think?

We’re proud of the service we offer to our clients, but don’t just take it from us. Take it from them too.


We already had a successful business when we joined GRV, However, since developing a partnership with them, revenues have doubled, and we have been able to establish a strong relation with their team that means we can share best practices and troubleshoot challenges.

GRV were able to take us to the next level with header and server-to-server bidding which allowed us to focus on content and expanding our business


We were given a free trial period, and were impressed with GRV’s people, terms, technical knowledge and revenue optimization. I would like to personally thank the team at GRV for the effort they put in optimizing our site. We are confident that this will be a key partnership for us going forward.


As a small publisher, I have tried various advertising solutions, trying to achieve the delicate balance between revenue generation and user experience. More often than not I’d find I would apply more and more ad units in order to maintain revenues

GRV was recommended to me by another publisher. GRV’s approach is very much “less is more” but not to the detriment of earnings. Real-time reporting came as standard and payment terms were amongst the best I’d seen. I made the switch, initially on a trial basis, but I could not be happier with the results, and I wish I’d known about GRV earlier!

I’d recommend any other publishers give GRV a go. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll be delighted at the results


I was set up with a rival GRV business and had access to hosting and tech facilities. Communication was often an issue and the tech wasn’t always fit-for-purpose. GRV’s tech team is in a different class.

I recently had an issue with a revenue partner which, due to a technical issue, was impacting revenues elsewhere on the site. I reached out to GRV at 7am on a Saturday morning, got a reply within two minutes, and work immediately began to mitigate the issue.

That’s service.


We joined GRV’s Prop network just over 18 months ago and revenues have grown exponentially. Together with the level of care and expertise provided by GRV, our company has enjoyed significant expansion.

Given our successful relationship with GRV, we have expanded our partnership and taken the decision to outsource all of our tech demands to their in-house team, including our hosting. This was not a decision that we took lightly, but one that has already started to reap the rewards. While revenue was an important factor, our decision to work more closely with GRV was based heavily on the fantastic levels of communication with the entire team, the proficiency of which they work, and the unwavering trust we have in their skills.

Due to our partnership with GRV we have been able to expand the business and invest in the company, growing our portfolio of websites.


We’ve worked with the team at GRV Media for nearly two years. We’ve found them to be excellent, they’re proactive, knowledgeable, responsive and deliver against their promises. We have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.


Cashflow is always a problem for a small business. I sometimes had to wait 3 months for pay-outs before I was with GRV. I am now on N30 terms, and this is enabling me to invest in my business