It’s tough being an online publisher these days – adblockers, ever-tighter email firewalls and ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms.

And if you manage to overcome all these hurdles and build a large web presence, you will find that you will have another problem – how do you monetize your inventory, find the right revenue partners (there are literally thousands out there, all claiming to be the best), and integrate the technologies that will enable you to seamlessly deliver ad placements without impacting user experience.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone who could do all the advertising heavy-lifting for you, so you could get on with producing the quality content you need to continue to grow your reader base and business?

And wouldn’t it be even better if that someone had vast experience in online publishing themselves – people who understand the compromises and complexities of running a successful website property?

By signing up to the GRV Media Better Revenues programme, our website partners can increase their standard display revenue by over 60%.

What You Get

Header Bidding

We drive increased revenues from your advertising inventory (either traditional display, in-image or high impact) through our network of header bidding partners. We’ve spent years researching the market and trialling header bidder platforms, and now only deal with the best. Through us, you can get access to them.


Should you elect to work with us via Google’s Network Partnership Management programme, you will obtain access to the Google AdX platform, which opens up more advertisers than AdSense and comes with a deals marketplace.

A partner that’s continuously learning

Ad technology is developing at a breakneck speed. With access to Google, via our account manager, and high level access at our partners we ensure we’re ahead of the game so our partners can be too.

A strategic partner

We can help you identify the best ad slots on your website(s), and work with you to get the balance right between increased advertising revenues and maintaining the best user experience. We can improve the viewability and sell-through on slots using in-view loading. We can also advise and implement the latest ad techniques including periodically refreshing and fixed ad placements. In addition, we have tools to monitor and control the impact of ad blocking technologies.

Transparency for everyone

We commit to being totally transparent with our clients. We report gross revenue figures and fully engage clients in any alterations to the way ads are delivered on their site. We have robust proceedures in place dealing with rogue adverts including end user reporting should there be a problem with any creatives.

A single point of contact for your ad revenues

By using us to take care of your ad revenues, you will have more time to grow and develop your website. The increased revenues we will bring will also provide you with more options.

What’s Next?

  1. Contact Us
  2. We will have an initial meeting to ensure our suitability for your website
  3. We will spec your site and come back with initial recommendations
  4. Test implementation
  5. Go live
  6. Throughout the lifetime of your account we’ll monitor performance, implement new technologies as they are developed and advise on the strategies to maximise your website’s potential