We hear your problems…

It’s tough being an online publisher these days – adblockers, ever-tighter email firewalls, and ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms are just some of the problems we face.

And if you manage to overcome these hurdles, you’ll find you face another problem; how do you effectively monetise your inventory, find the right revenue partners, and integrate the technologies that will enable you to seamlessly deliver ad placement without impacting user experience?

…and we have the solution

We do all the advertising heavy-lifting for you, leaving you to get on with producing the quality content you need to continue to grow your audience and business.

Introducing PROP

Our Publisher Revenue Optimisation Programme

By signing up to GRV Media’s Publisher Revenue Optimisation Programme, our partners can increase their standard website display revenues by over 60%. get in touch

What we do

Header Bidding

Increased revenues from your advertising inventory through our network of industry leading header bidding partners


Access to the Google AdX platform, which opens up more advertisers and comes with a deals marketplace.

100% Transparency

We commit to being totally transparent with our clients. We report gross revenue figures and fully engage clients in any alterations to the way ads are delivered on their site.

No Contract

We don’t try and lock you in with contracts. We let our customer service and performance speak for itself.

Ad Quality

We are advocates of the coalition for better ads. We hate annoying, invasive ads so we don’t employ any. Simple.

Ad Refresh

We can reload ads dynamically inview to optimise the revenue each page impression makes

A Real Partnership

We don’t just plonk ads on your site and walk away. We constantly monitor and optimise your ad setup to ensure you are making the very most from your content

GDPR Compliance

We can ensure your website and ads are fully GDPR compliant

Realtime Reporting

We give you access to your own private dashboard were you can monitor ad performance on an ad slot basis in realtime

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