Updated: 20th August 2021

GRV Media wants to hear the opinions of readers in a constructive and considerate forum.

We have created the guidelines that follow to ensure that there is respectful dialogue. We will not tolerate any form of abuse.

If guidelines are broken, moderators can delete comments without notice.

GRV Media’s moderators also have the right to suspend or ban any user without notice.

All decisions from moderators are final and not open to debate.

User Guidelines

  • No offensive or discriminatory language – Any use of offensive or discriminatory language is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to racist, sexist, religious and homophobic slurs.
  • No threatening language – Any bullying, threatening or abusive language directed at a writer or another user is prohibited.
  • No sexual or violent content – Users are banned from posting any sexual or violent imagery.
  • No advertising / spam – Users are prohibited from attempting to sell goods and services and from posting links to other sites. Comments that are not relevant to the topic of an article will be deleted.
  • No promoting illegal activities – Users are prohibited from advocating or soliciting illegal activities.
  • No copyright violations – Users are prohibited from posting material that is protected by copyright or linking to others who have breached copyright.
  • No impersonation – Any user assuming another person’s identity will be banned.
  • No personal details – Users are prohibited from posting personal information (e.g. address, telephone number) for themselves or someone else.