GRV Media is a global reaching UK-based online publisher with 20 years under our belts. We have vast experience in producing great content and we know what it takes to grow an effectively monetised web presence.

That’s why, combining our know-how and experience, we created our own ad tech platform called PROP® (Publisher Revenue Optimisation Programme) to support publishers with enhancing their revenue efficiency. We’ve made it our mission to be the best ad publisher network and help growing publishers thrive!

How does PROP maximise your earnings and drive sustainable growth?

Our publisher advertising platform is developed to optimise your earnings while fostering growth. It functions as a dynamic process, enabling ongoing improvements by adding any new information at any step of the way.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

Leveraging the latest technologies to optimise your ad inventory and increase competition for your ad space.
  • ✔️ Header Bidding Technology
  • ✔️ Realtime Revenue Dashboard
  • ✔️ AdBlock Recovery
  • ✔️ Consent Management Platform (CMP)
  • ✔️ Auto Ad Refresh
  • ✔️ Dynamic Floor Pricing

Revenue Analysis and Strategy

We conduct a deep-dive into your website’s performance data to identify revenue optimization opportunities. From our findings we develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your goals, focusing on key areas for improvement.

User Experience Optimization

User experience is crucial for the success of a website and finding the right ad balance for revenue optimization. We analyse ad behaviour and optimise design elements to create a campaign that boosts engagement and conversions.

Premium Ad Placements

We connect you with high-quality advertisers and optimise ad placements. From strategic positioning to ad format selection, we ensure that each impression counts and generates optimal returns.

Data-Driven Insights

Our self-built real-time revenue dashboards provide in-depth analytics to empower data-driven decision making. With these visible and actionable insights, you can continually refine your strategy and capitalise on emerging trends.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Our proactive approach means we continuously monitor your website’s revenue performance, identifying areas for refinement and making necessary recommendations and adjustments.

Dedicated Support

Our team of experts is committed to your success. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the revenue optimization process, answer your questions, and provide personalised support.

We take website revenue optimization and monetisation seriously, as a publisher ad network should. That’s why we are proud to be recognized as a trusted Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Partner. Our partnership with Google empowers us to unlock new possibilities for maximising your website revenue. With our expertise and the support of Google, we can help you optimise your ad performance and ultimately boost your website revenue. You can trust in us.

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Our Tech For a Cookieless Future

OPZET® is our tool built by the PROP tech team in preparation for the full third party cookie turn off and use of these features by vendors. This positions us to protect and build revenue through 2023 and 2024.

OPZET is designed to democratise complex contextual processes and systems and to make it available to all publishers to improve programmatic advertising monetization during auctions.  In simpler terms, we know what subjects people are interested in based on what they read and can, in turn, make inferences about the type of person they are and the adverts they are likely to like. 

These systems are becoming increasingly important as third party cookies are deprecated.  Industry feedback from Google has shown us that our contextual offering is ahead of the curve and we are actively working with all of our premium partners to take advantage of Opzet by passing the contextual information back up the bid stream to help advertisers meet their targeting criteria resulting in increased yield for both advertiser and publisher.

Ad Formats

  • PROP® InImage
  • PROP® Footer with Viewable Refresh technology
  • PROP® Video with Primis technology
  • PROP® MPU with Viewable Slider
  • Banner Ads
  • Skins

*Ask about: Skyscrapers/Interstitial Ads/Rich Media

PROP technology empowers our publishers to implement a diverse range of ad formats and unlock new opportunities for revenue growth on their site. PROP supports all the standard IAB ad formats including: 

  • PROP® InImage
  • PROP® Footer with Viewable Refresh technology
  • PROP® MPU with Viewable Slider
  • PROP® Video with Primis technology
  • PROP® Native with Taboola
  • Banner Ads
  • Skyscrapers
  • Interstitial Ads 
  • Rich Media

We will give you full guidance through the implementation process to ensure you get the full benefit from PROP’s features and technology. 

If you’re looking for an ad monetization platform, get in touch to evaluate your site’s performance on our programme.