At GRV Media we appreciate that as our clients grow, develop and increase revenues, we all prosper. We aim to drive our clients to produce engaging, value added content on performant, user friendly properties.

We Deliver On Our Promises

We were publishers first and clearly have natural empathy with our clients. We understand the challenges, threats and opportunities to their businesses.

We treat our clients as partners who remain in control of their own web properties, and help them in a number of ways to grow their businesses. We are not a cost to our clients, and aim to add value to their businesses every step of the way.

We use our owner-managed sites to test out new initiatives in areas like core web vitals, viewability and new ad formats, and, crucially, we apply the successes to our client sites.

GRV Media provides content advice, works with news aggregation partners on behalf of our clients to increase page views and stresses the importance of user experience. Our clients benefit as we have several years experience working with the best-in class header and server-to-server bidding vendors.

We provide hosting services, a WordPress plugin, cache advisory and implementation, ensure ads.txt compliance and assist with privacy policies and consent management frameworks. GRV Media has a Slack channel for publisher interaction, 24/7 tech support, and allows publishers to retain 100% of earnings they have generated themselves.

Most importantly, however, we do what we say we are going to do and operate with a client first mindset in all things. Ultimately what’s good for our clients is good for us. That’s why GRV Media clients generally stay with us, and why a significant driver in increasing our business to date has been through existing client referrals.

How we operate

Our clients told us that the two most important concerns that they have entering into a publishing partnership were transparency and payment terms. We responded by providing them with access to a near real-time dashboard that displays gross revenue, cpm and page rpm data (v2 is currently in development). Our invoices itemise gross revenue and our charges. We also pay all partners on net 30 terms, even though many of our vendors pay us net 60 or 90. Google revenues are paid out within 2/3 days of receipt.

Our development team has built a WordPress platform that leverages AMP to build a Core Web Vitals and revenue optimised website. This has shown impressive results in testing on some of our owned sites, and we are now in active talks with our clients to discern how we can offer this service out to them.

Other services we can offer clients at no additional charge include:
  • Inclusion in our 1st Party data contract with Permutive
  • Re-brokering the sale of websites to partners
  • Corporate Communications / PR function
  • Malvertising protection from Ad Lightning
  • A commercial CMP provided by SourcePoint

Here’s what we don’t do

We don’t lock clients into contracts they find difficult to escape from. Why would you want to do this if you deliver what you say you will? GRV Media clients can leave on demand.

We don’t take unreasonable compensation for the work we undertake. Our 20% cut of the revenues we generate is highly competitive.

To date we haven’t reclaimed any vendor revenue clawback from clients, including after the Sizmek failure. Because we understand the impact of clawing-back revenue from smaller businesses, we have absorbed all losses thus far ourselves.