Our beliefs

  • To treat our staff, freelancers, clients, partners and all other stakeholders with respect, and to make decisions in a professional and transparent manner.
  • To invest in the long term sustainability of the business by always doing the right thing.
  • To encourage innovation, and to offer opportunities to staff and freelancers to become involved in the development and implementation of ideas which are consistent with the long term strategic needs of the business.
  • To celebrate individual successes, but to also encourage a culture where teamwork and cooperation are highly valued.
  • To make our best efforts to achieve excellence by continuing in our quest to deliver improved content, better technology and enhanced operational capability.
  • To continue to operate our business with a flat leadership structure.
  • To enable all staff and freelancers to have appropriate access to key decision makers.
  • To ensure that decisions are made in an expeditious manner, and that no one person(s) sits on decisions which prevent others from moving things forward