DualShockers powers to new record highs

GRV Media is proud to announce that gaming website DualShockers achieved a new record monthly traffic high in March. With over 9m page views from almost 7m users, this month has seen the site’s best traffic profile since it was acquired in February, 2021.

Sam Woods, GRV Media’s Global Head of Gaming Content, said: ‘The success at DualShockers is all about teamwork, and we have benefited from the strong mutually supportive relationships team members have built up over the last 12 months or so. We really feel like DualShockers is building a community now, and that the brand is built on very strong foundations’.

Vic Daniels, GRV Media’s Executive Chairman, said: ‘Sam and the DualShockers team have worked exceedingly hard over the last year, and it is tremendously impressive what they have achieved. The future for the site looks very bright’.

In Q4, GRV Media and its partners sites attracted 185m users across 70 web properties, consuming 478m page views.

DualShockers was sold to Valnet Inc. in May 2022.

Rosie Osborn