Notes on the Upcoming AMP Ads Changes

Here we want to provide an update on the upcoming changes to the way AMP ads will be delivered from 29th March.

AMP Ads Now

Within the Chrome console, if you’re looking at a GRV Media monetised AMP page, you will see a warning regarding remote.html. This file is part of the original AMP ads specification for Delayed Fetch. It’s this specification that we built our AMP header bidding solution on, and it’s this specification that’s being stopped in favour of the new Fast Fetch protocol.

AMP Ads in the Future

Because of the way Fast Fetch works it requires ads be bidded for on a server to server connection (S2S), rather than on the client as Delayed Fetch allows. On the positive side we anticipate that ads will load much faster (in the seconds faster). On the downside S2S does limit the access ad partners have to client cookies. We haven’t transitioned clients to the fixes yet because we believe in the short term there will be a hit to revenue.
In preparation of these changes we have setup Google Exchange Bidder and a server to server integration of our own. Google Exchange Bidder is a beta product where partners are integrated directly within DFP and bidding is done there alongside AdX. Our S2S solution will be build on an open source platform.
Existing clients and those currently using header bidding on AMP pages will need to make changes to the ad slots on their sites.
If you’re not a current GRV client we’d welcome the opportunity to speak to you. Talk to us to tind out how you can maximise the revenue on your AMP property.