GRV Media AdTech Division Sees Strong Start to Year, CEO Sees Benefits of Added-Value Services

GRV Media’s AdTech division, PROP, has made a strong start to the financial year, with May revenue up 51% across client accounts.

Graham Morris, GRV’s CEO, said: ‘We have been working very hard over the last few months to further develop the added-value services available to our PROP clients. Our years of experience in this market have enabled us to build strong relationships with a number of key revenue partners, but PROP is not just about that’.

Pointing out that AdTech has to move on in its approach to clients, Morris said: ‘We increasingly help our clients develop and deliver SEO strategies, in order for them to optimize performance and increase page views. We are becoming more than just consultants. We are also providing an increasing number of our clients with tech solutions, sometimes taking primary responsibility for all their tech needs. We want to be fully invested in their future, so are building close relationships that are mutually beneficial’.

Daniel Waldon, GRV’s Head of Client Success, said: ‘Clients are increasingly looking for more from their AdTech partner than just monetizing their inventory. You need to be getting closer to client businesses, helping them meet the challenges that online publishers face in an increasingly complex and changing environment’.

Sophie Past