PROP® Year In Review: The PROPer way to do things

As publishers ourselves we know how important it is to have our fingers on the pulse and be ready to adapt to situations in real time. The world of digital publishing is ever evolving; constant algorithm changes, content guideline reviews and keeping up with the latest trends is enough to keep you occupied.

One thing we don’t want you to have to worry about is if you’re getting the best from your ad partner. 

Over the past 12 months we’ve taken on your valuable feedback, evaluated our offering and defined our roadmap. Our clients have seen a number of useful changes come to our PROP® dashboard and we’ve actively sought to evolve our offering to increase value to our partners.

Knowledge and Ticketing

The latest valuable addition to our offering was the launching of our Knowledge Base. A one stop shop for FAQ’s, market trends and updates, all accessible from the PROP® Dashboard. Allowing our clients to get the answers to their questions instantly. 

Another feature added to the PROP® Dashboard was our new ticketing solution. Allowing our clients to create, manage and track queries whilst having direct access to our support teams. 

PROP® Dashboard Updates

Continuing on with the theme of improving our PROP® Dashboard, throughout the year we honed our focus on more metrics that matter. We added device and country level data tabs onto the performance dashboard, so you can track exactly where your revenue is coming from. This allows you to make informed decisions on your content strategy. 

Gone are the days of scrolling through multiple dashboards to track your revenue. 2022 also saw the addition of third party revenue partners being displayed in the PROP® dashboard, so you can track your revenue through your PROP® Video and PROP® Native partners all in one place. 

We want you to Flourish

Continuing our push in evolving our offering, we launched a number of other valuable resources. 

We launched Flourish and Flourish+, our hosting solution with dedicated tech resources, improved server capacity and dedicated account management. You can check out our Fact Sheet here to see more information on Flourish and Flourish+.

Our attention then turned Opzet. Opzet is GRV Media’s proprietary affiliate technology. It searches for and recognises shoppable content on your website, and then automatically pulls in an affiliate link to a relevant product (or group of products). The link can be displayed in an attractive, native-style unit on the page.

All of this means we can further monetise your content, and you don’t have to do anything.

Investing in you

As well as improving our front-facing PROP® Dashboard and services, we’ve also invested heavily in the PROP® team, making key hires across strategy and marketing. 

We also invested in our video and native advertising resources – with these revenue opportunities now available for our clients.

These investments lay the foundations for the upcoming year where we expect the PROP® roadmap to evolve. With feedback from our clients, we can continue developing PROP® to be for publishers, by publishers.

Maya de Paz