All Bets Are Off – GRV Media Announces Plans To Stop Running Football Gambling Ads

GRV Media has confirmed plans to completely stop running online football gambling ads across all of its owner-managed websites. 

The company owns a number of hugely popular football websites, including HITC Football, TBR Football, 67 Hail Hail, Hammers News, Rangers News, The Chelsea Chronicle and United In Focus, with almost 10m visitors to these and other football properties during October 2021.

Vic Daniels, GRV Media’s Executive Chairman, said: ‘We already have a fairly stringent ad white-listing policy on our websites, which responds quickly to evolving social mores and expectations’.

‘We stopped taking direct online football gambling ads for owner-managed websites several years ago’, Daniels continued, ‘and don’t accept guest or sponsored content linked to football gambling. We also don’t use or link to any football research provided by or associated with gambling companies’. 

‘The time is right’, said Graham Morris, GRV Media’s CEO. ‘We feel that we have a duty of care to our readers. Gambling can have a devastatingly negative impact on individuals and their families’.

‘We already have general blocks in place with our programmatic ad vendors to prevent football gambling ads filtering through, but a small number unfortunately still make it onto our websites. We intend to now work more closely with our ad partners to try to completely eradicate these ads from our web properties’.


Daniel Waldon