GRV Media’s ‘The Focus’ Hits New Record High

GRV Media’s The Focus website saw 3.7m users in October, just 20 months after launch.

Established in April 2020, The Focus has journeyed from a website originally set up at the start of the pandemic to provide furloughed journalists the chance to continue writing into one of GRV Media’s fastest-growing brands.

The website includes news and content from the worlds of entertainment, food, lifestyle and sports, including Motorsport and NFL.

Martin Cooper, now a Senior GRV Media Editor, said: ‘I am proud to have been there at the start on The Focus. Like one or two other staff, I was able to leverage my work on the website and transition into a permanent role elsewhere within the company. It is so gratifying to see something that I helped bring about doing so well’.

GRV Media CEO, Graham Morris, said: ‘We have seen some impressive growth on The Focus from a standing start over on The Focus, but I do think this is only the start, for both The Focus and the rest of our group of websites. We have just hired a Group Social Media Manager and are looking to secure the services of a Group SEO Director.

These new hires will help generate additional traffic on all our owner-managed websites, and sites like The Focus will have the potential to grow even more quickly’.

Daniel Waldon