GRV Media Announces Creation of Part-Time Paid Trainee Football Writers Academy

GRV Media is looking for six trainee writers to cover Liverpool, Rangers, Celtic, West Ham, Newcastle United and Wolves. 

Paul Watson, who is jointly managing the Academy Programme said: ‘We did this before – around 5 years ago – and ended up offering 4 participants full-time positions. So, in addition to help train and develop those who wish to start their journey into the profession, there is also some possible succession planning for us too’.

To be a candidate for one of these roles you will need to be a genuine fan of one of the clubs the Academy Programme is covering. The Academy will run for an initial one-month period, with writers who demonstrate that they can add value being offered further writing, community engagement or social media opportunities within the GRV network.

John Verrall, joint manager of the Academy said: ‘This is a genuine opportunity for recent graduates and those looking for their first job in the industry. The main thing we are looking for are writers with fresh and engaging content ideas, in-depth knowledge about their club, and a passion for writing about football’.

To apply for a position in the Academy, please follow the link here.

Daniel Waldon