GRV Media announces establishment of DualShockers paid Gaming Writers Academy

GRV Media’s flagship gaming website, DualShockers, is establishing a Writers Academy Programme especially for gamers.

Talent will be given a first opportunity to explore the world of games journalism, with permanent positions available for those who impress on the programme and are looking at gaming journalism as a possible full-time career.

Successful candidates will be offered full training on how to write and structure articles, source news and other topics, as well as how to build and engage with audiences.

Rachael Fiddis, DualShockers’ Senior Editor who will oversee the Programme said: ‘We’re looking for between 5-10 people, all of whom will work from home, who want to enter the world of games journalism. All applicants will need is to be able to demonstrate that they have a huge passion for playing games, possess a can-do mentality, and have the ability to write at a fairly competent level. We are not looking for journalism experience, however.’

Sam Woods, DualShockers Managing Editor, said: ‘We are committed to supporting those who show passion to reach their full potential. Being paid to learn, work with a great team, and having a pathway to a possible full-time role is something you don’t see very often in games journalism. This programme will hopefully be seen as the opportunity it clearly is’.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to: [email protected]edia

Daniel Waldon