Five GRV Media websites and one YouTube channel hit new highs in January

GRV Media is pleased to announce that five of its main websites and one YouTube channel hit record highs in January, 2022.

Football websites Geordie Boot Boys, Hammers News and Nottingham Forest News hit record page view highs last month, while entertainment properties Reality Titbit and The Focus also continued to break all time records. The 67 Hail Hail Celtic football YouTube channel also hit a new monthly high in terms of views and subscribers in January. 

Dan Coombs, GRV Media’s Director of Sport Content, said: ‘We are very pleased that these football websites are going through periods of sustainable growth. We are already seeing huge potential for the growth of our football brands from our evolving social media strategy, and we believe that our football vertical can continue to develop reach and engagement as we move towards year end and the 2022 World Cup’.

Liam Curtis, GRV Media’s Director of Entertainment, Gaming & Culture, said: ‘Both Reality Titbit and The Focus are building audiences and the content is being consumed by ever-increasing numbers of users. We are really delighted by how these relatively young websites are developing’.

Hamish Carton, 67 Hail Hail’s Lead Presenter and Producer, said: ‘Working closely with the 67 Hail Hail website and outside contributors is enabling us to build a real sense of community. We are now one of the largest Celtic-specific YouTube channels on the platform, and we genuinely believe that our level-headed, fan-based approach will mean that we are well placed to continue to achieve success with this channel’.

Emma Parker joined GRV Media in November 2022 as Director and Global Head of Social Media. She currently runs a social media team of four, scaling up to seven by the end of March.

In Q4, GRV Media attracted 185M users across over 70 websites, consuming 478M page views. Its YouTube brands went from strength to strength commanding over 24M views.

Daniel Waldon