GRV Media Appoints Adam Williams as Head of Football Finance & Governance Content

GRV Media is delighted to announce that Adam Williams is joining the company in a new role as Head of Football Finance & Governance Content.

Adam has three years experience as one of the UK’s small band of dedicated football finance reporters. He will be adding value to a number of our general football and specialist club sites, providing insights into many areas that have a direct impact on fans, including stadium projects, transfer budgets, prize money and commerical and sponsorship deals. 

Adam said: ‘I am excited to be working for such a well established sports media group, with a significant footprint in football. I am confident that I can produce unique and authoratative content for GRV brands, and I am looking forward to adding value to the business’.

John Verrall, Deputy Global Head of Sports Content, said: ‘Adam will be bringing something different for us on the football content front. His recruitment is further confirmation that we are attracting good quality individuals into the business at a time of continued expansion and change’. 

‘The last few months have been very productive, with the huge success of Bloody Elbow ,The Golfing Gazette , and The Tennis Gazette. We are also working hard as we launch Bloody KnockoutBloody Slam, and Cuesandarrows, which covers snooker and darts’.

GRV Media Executive Chairman, Vic Daniels, said: ‘This is a time of opportunity for GRV Media. We are seeing good performance from a number of our website properties, and continue to invest in new talent and new business ideas. We are currently looking for other websites to either acquire in sports, or to start up new ventures. I’m always happy to talk to anyone with an idea’.

Vic Daniels can be contacted on [email protected]

Sophie Past