GRV Media is pleased to announce that Paul Watson has been appointed as the company’s Head of Digital Content Curation Development

Previously the Managing Editor of GRV’s popular entertainment and sports website The Focus, in this new role Paul will be responsible for further refining and developing the company’s content strategy for its own managed web properties.

GRV Media’s Executive Chairman Vic Daniels said: ‘Paul’s role is an important one. As the company continues to develop, it is important that we continue to evolve our content offering in order to ensure that our users are able to consume relevant, timely and meaningful content, and that they will return to us time and time again to obtain information and insight’.

Paul will work closely with individual journalists and at a website / group level.

Paul Watson said: ‘Being there at the creation of The Focus and becoming Managing Editor was a very rewarding experience and I am sad to be saying goodbye to the team. I am, however, looking forward to operating in this new position at a groupwide level’.

Paul will continue to be a member of GRV Media’s ExCo team of senior leaders.

GRV Media’s network of 68 websites saw continued growth in the first quarter with over 1m YouTube subscribers, Q2 is expected to see further sustainable growth.

Daniel Waldon