GRV Media Launches MMA and Wrestling Websites, Signals Further Growth

GRV Media is pleased to announce the launching of two new sports websites, MMA Knockdown and The Wrestling Gazette

The company now has a presence in sports publishing in football, NFL, F1, golf, tennis, wrestling and MMA, and has 49 active websites.

Dan Coombs, GRV’s Global Head of Sports Content, said: ‘The company has a well deserved reputation for producing sports content that readers enjoy and engage with. We are continuing to improve our existing offerings, and moving into new verticals. There will be further announcements soon that will underline our ambitions’.

GRV Media Executive Chairman, Vic Daniels, said: ‘We already have an impression number of valuable brands in the sports journalism space, but we have aggressive plans to expand, and are looking to achieve this growth organically and via acquisitions. We are very bullish about online sports publishing, and see many opportunities for growth in this area’.

Sophie Past