GRV Media Launches New Student Website – Freshered

GRV Media is pleased to announce the launch of its new student-focused website, Freshered.

The site has been designed to take an in-depth look at student life and culture – what students are reading, watching, wearing, eating, consuming and thinking. It will deal with the issues they face in everyday university life – from finances, living with other students, to the stresses and adventures faced and overcome on the road to graduation. 

Vincent Ralph, Freshered’s Managing Editor, said: ‘As a former Head of Sixth Form, it is really exciting to return to my education roots with this initiative. We aim to become the website of choice for those already in University, but also students in Year 13 who want information and advice about how to go about choosing where they study, how to obtain funding and what issues they are likely to face as they fly the home nest’.

The site’s written and social media content will be created by those who are either in, or involved with, full-time study. The direction of the site will be set by our contributors – as we aim for Freshered to be driven by genuine student voice.

Ralph continued: ‘We are looking to have up to 30 student contributors / editors / social media creators by the end of the month – and we will be paying for the content that is commissioned. We want to hear from anyone who has an interest and aptitude in writing and who feels they are able to contribute in some way to this venture’.

Freshered has paid opportunities to join our expanding team. If you are a current university student interested in writing for us, click here

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Daniel Waldon