GRV Media Promotes Senior Leaders and Middle Managers

GRV Media is pleased to announce a number of promotions for some of our key staff, as we continue to build our ranks of Senior Leaders and Middle Managers.

Listed below are the staff changes this round:

Dan Coombs becomes Director, Global Head of Sports Content. 

Liam Curtis becomes Director, Global Head of Entertainment, Gaming & Culture Content.

Celine Byford becomes Lead Writer at Reality Titbit.

Ellissa Bain becomes Group Head of Trending Content.

Tom Llewellyn becomes Head of World Anime & Comics, HITC Entertainment.

Graham Morris, GRV Media CEO, said: ‘As we continue to grow as a company, it is vital that we have a fit-for-purpose structure to our operations. These announcements are part of that process. It is particularly important to us to be able to promote from within, recognising and rewarding those who continue to put in outstanding performances’.

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Daniel Waldon