GRV Media Hires Ed Watkinson As Director, SEO & Digital Growth

GRV Media is delighted to announce the appointment of Ed Watkinson as Director, SEO & Digital Growth.

Ed arrives after 5 years at LADbible Group, where he was Head of SEO. He was previously SEO Group Head at MediaCom.

Vic Daniels, GRV Media’s Executive Chairman, said: ‘Ed has a huge amount of online media experience and will play a key role in expanding our digital footprint. He will be a Member of our Executive Committee, which is the Leadership Group that helps shape the day-to-day and strategic direction of the company’.

Ed said: ‘I enjoyed my 5 years at LADbible and clearly wish the team there every success, but I am excited to be joining GRV Media, where I can be involved at a senior level and be able to make a contribution in all in all aspects of SEO and the wider content strategy.

GRV Media’s own and partner sites achieved 463m page views in the second quarter of 2022, from 178m users.

Sophie Past