GRV Media makes two more full-time hires following Goldsmiths Work Placements

GRV Media is delighted to announce that Darcy Rafter and Yasmine Leung have joined the company full time as Entertainment Staff Writers. 

Graduates of Goldsmiths, University of London, Darcy and Yasmine have recently been freelancing with GRV Media writing on HITC Entertainment, Reality Titbit and The Focus

Darcy and Yasmine started with GRV as part of the company’s Work Placement Partnership with Goldsmiths. Running since 2020, the programme takes place between June-September each year, providing students with a hands-on remote work experience, and is an accredited part of their university course.  

Yasmine said I began working at GRV Media as part of my university placement and have continued to work as a freelancer for the last year. I am extremely excited to officially be part of the team, and to continue working with supportive colleagues’.

Darcy said: ‘I look forward to continuing my journey with GRV Media and progressing my journalistic skills as I become a full time writer’.

Liam Curtis, GRV’s Director, Content, Entertainment, Gaming & Culture, said: ‘It is important for GRV Media’s growth to find a variety of means to identify individuals who could add value to our business. The Goldsmiths Partnership has been a very useful source in introducing talented people in this perspective. The University’s Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies does a very good job in preparing students to enter the workforce ‘.

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Daniel Waldon