GRV Media: Goldsmiths Work Placement Partnership proves huge success

GRV Media is delighted to announce that the company has renewed its Work Placement Partnership with the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University Of London. 

Part of the prestigious University of London, Goldsmiths combines academic excellence with creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Running since 2020, the programme takes place between June-September each year, providing students with a hands-on remote work experience, and is an accredited part of their university course. 

This year’s group of students are from the BA Media and Communications, and BA Journalism, and will participate in the full range of journalistic endeavours – from idea generation to content publication.

The partnership sees GRV Media taking up to 10 students from Goldsmiths. The students will complete two-week work placements with a possibility of continued freelance, part-time and full-time work in due course.

There were a number of success stories from the first year of the programme, with four of those students currently contributing regularly as freelance writers across HITC and other GRV entertainment properties. 

Ellissa Bain, who graduated from Goldsmiths in 2020, is now Head of Trending Content at GRV Media, having progressed from the work placement programme into full-time work. 

Ellissa said: ‘I was very grateful to Goldsmiths for arranging my work placement, and to be given the opportunity to ultimately work full time for GRV Media. Hopefully others will similarly benefit from this partnership’.

Liam Curtis, GRV Media’s Global Head of Content for Entertainment, Culture and Gaming said: ”My experience as an intern involved nothing more than coffee runs and thumb twiddling, so it was a personal project of mine to set up a practical and added-value work placement programme. 

‘The aim of the project is to ensure that students have the opportunity to showcase their talent and to get a foot into the door of a very competitive industry. 

‘With web properties like HITC, The Focus, Reality Titbit and Dualshockers, GRV Media often has open opportunities for those with the drive and determination to succeed’.

Rachael Boxill, Work Placements and Internships Manager at Goldsmiths, added “Practical experience is one of the most important things for students when it comes to finding a job after graduation. Many thought work placements wouldn’t be possible at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, during this challenging period GRV Media has provided an invaluable opportunity to students, and given them experience, hope and a much-needed foot in the door at a time when the job market is more daunting than ever! GRV Media has offered Goldsmiths students a diverse, hands-on experience that will prepare them well to enter the modern media landscape”

GRV Media’s network of 68 websites saw continued growth in the second quarter, With over 1m YouTube subscribers, Q2 saw 10m video views. Q3 is expected to see continued sustainable growth.

For academic enquiries and further details about our workplace programmes and opportunities please contact us here.

Daniel Waldon